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Horse Racing, Handicapping & Racetracks Casino Games
The Racetrack Section includes all types of horse racing from Thoroughbreds to Quarterhorses with Trotters and Pacers inbetween. Our Gambling Entertainment Locator with the Racetrack Search Map will help you plan trips to racetracks all over the country, and within each horse racing category is a detailed explanation of how to read each kind of racing form, plus definitions of terms and advice on handicapping and betting strategies.

Casino games...table games...whatever you call them, they are entertaining and they are challenging. The cards of blackjack and poker (now including Pai Gow), the dice of craps and the bouncing ball of roulette are all casual pastimes for some and a ways of life for others. Whatever your pleasure, Gambler's Way covers the how, the where, the why-for and, always, the why-not! Pick your game and learn something new. And, come back often...that's way to stay sharp so the deck and the dice won't go cold on you.
Greyhound Racing, Handicapping & Racetracks Sports Betting
If you like speed, Greyhound Racing is where you need to be and Gambler's Way is the place to learn how to decifer the Greyhound Racing Form and find out what betting on the dogs is all about. With our Gambling Entertainment Locator and the Greyhound Racetrack Search Map you can find the racetrack nearest you and plan a trip...with a stop at the track included.

Do you know the difference between the money line and the pointspread? Check out our Sports Betting Basics if you are looking for a quick foundation in the world of sports gambling. Right now, it's all free! Call it your first bonus and a sure bet.

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